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I have way too many awesome things to say about these real life training classes. At first I did not know really anything about self defense, gun maneuvers, knife maneuvers etc. The instructors both male and female have been extremely helpful in details and get you to learn some of the trickiest tactics that are needed to maintain your life. I have been in this group since mid July and every Monday and Friday you learn new real life self defense mechanisms. It's as real as it gets. These classes are small and you get a lot more training with one on one combat. We train in the dark, outside etc. There are so many opportunities to gain self confidence in this class. The instructors are patient and give honest feedback and tell you where you need improvement. I will never experience another class or training like this. They are different in their approaches and instruction. I am confident while learning to defend myself and my family. My husband loves this class as he watches us train. This is not a typical MMA class or karate class with uniforms or specific rules. It is a "go as you learn" and if something needs to be changed because it works better, then it is done that "better" way. The drawback is that I wish I knew about this class years ago.
I love love love this class!! The instructors are easy to understand and relate to, professional and highly skilled. The class is just the right size for a great learning experience. Having never taken any sort of self defense classes, outside of the gym, I was apprehensive. We, my husband and I, actually waited quite some time after learning of Shield before actually showing up and giving it a go. I wish we would have started these classes sooner! We learn new skills in every class, and they're actually useful! This class is so much fun and empowering, there's no excuse not to come join us!! I highly recommend these classes, the instructors, and the new frame of mind that comes with em!!
As a previously experienced martial artist, going on 7 years now, i have been to multiple Dojos/Training facilities, experienced so many instructors, trained in various styles, and have never in my life seen a school like Shield. The practicality of martial arts/combatives is what will potentially save your life someday, not a fancy flip kick only young kids can do. Shield takes out anything thats not a necessity, it only focusus on what is practical and trains that by throwing you in a dark setting with minimal to no light and loud music while having to defend yourself. Not only is this fun, but this makes you realize what could actually happen in the real world, and how dangerous it can be. Shield is great at making you feel safer after each class, this is as real as training gets!
The wife and I have been training with SHIELD for a little over three months and the experience has been great. She and I do all kinds of training together and this is no exception. It really helps us to complete our team based approach to everything in life. Having a female instructor in the class made my wife feel very comfortable in a training space that is typically perceived as all male. Now she holds her own with them as well. The classes are small, for now, and the training is immediately relevant to real life self defense situations. The training pace is based upon how fast or hard you want to go in training. You can take it easier or amp it up. The instructors are very observant and responsive to your individual training goals and needs. The only drawback? We wish that we had started training with this groups sooner than we did.

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